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As an author and nationwide speaker, Bruce A. Jacobs tells it like it is. In both his latest book, RACE MANNERS FOR THE 21st CENTURY, and his speaking engagements, Bruce stands up for the values of social justice and for re-humanizing the ways in which we advance what we believe. With his dynamic presence, his plain-spoken clarity on difficult issues, and his empathy with audiences, Bruce is able to encourage people of good will to challenge all forms of bigotry and to work for the kinds of social and economic fairness that benefit us all.

Few speakers connect with an audience as intimately as Bruce does. He urges people to override "rage talk" media, to question corporate-funded politics, and to dare to have real conversations instead of repeating talk-show lingo. He shows that impassioned viewpoints and compassionate respect for others’ experiences are genuinely compatible. In his lectures, he models how we need to care enough to hold one another accountable -- for white privilege, institutional racism, bigotry among people of color, homophobia, sexism, mistreating people by nationality or religion -- while also supporting one another in pursuing the shared things we want in a society. Bruce shows that once we begin to peel away the influence of our nation’s manufactured bigotries, we all have what it takes to start to truly know one another.

Bruce has appeared on NPR, C-SPAN, Sirius, Pacifica, and other networks. He is a featured participant in “Race and Reconciliation in America,” a continuing series of national dialogues convened by former U.S. Senator William Cohen and racial justice advocate Janet Langhart Cohen. He speaks at colleges, organizations, places of worship, and events across the country.

To inquire about Bruce for a speaking engagement, please email racemanners(at)gmail(dot)com.