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October 14, 2010



There's always the "Wait a minute, I've got another call; can you hold on a second?" variation of the rudeness people display as well. What am I calling, my doctor's office? I thought I was calling my friend!

I hear you!!!!

Ronnie DeBose

Bruce, the whole cell phone mania thing is a royal pain in the a**...Etiquette has gone out the window...the post 80s generation started off the addictive madness and now their older siblings and their elders are hopelessly powerless and strung out like dope fiends who can't stop yaking and texting to save their lives..in class, in court, in the bathroom at the urinal...and while driving...I mean how many more people have to die before these fools get a clue and seek professional help to kick the habit of texting while driving...Its all part of the conspiracy by the telecommunications and ancillary industries to maximize their profits at the monetary and psycho-social expense of the American public...So rudeness is only the tip of the iceberg...God help us all because pandora's box as been busted wide the #[email protected]%^&$* open! Thank you for lettin' me share. Ronnie D.

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